Coastal Kinesiology 

Muscle & Joint Pain

Backpain, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, sciatica, whiplash, TMJ, balance, sports performance, injury recovery


Weight loss, eating patterns & cravings, sensitivities & intolerances, allergies, candida, diabetes, bloating & cramping, IBS, ezcema


PMS, menopause, fertility, prostate issues, testosterone, thyroid activity, sleep, adrenal fatigue


Self confidence, work stress, fears, phobias, grief, trauma, clarity, focus, study habits, memory, anger management, life balance & harmony, relationships


Asthma, blood pressure, immune function, lymphatics, urinary issues

Neurological Clarity

Primitive Reflexes, Brain Integration, Learning difficulties, Balance and Coordination

Meet Lisa

Functional Kinesiologist

Lisa has completed the Advanced Diploma of Functional Kinesiology along with further formal training in other areas of Kinesiology to be able to offer her clients a wide range of balances depending on their needs.

Her compassion, care and professionalism ensure her clients receive the highest care during their visit. If you are looking for someone who can thoroughly assist your body & mind to facilitate the changes you wish to make, contact Lisa today.



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0429 069 747

22 Peel Street,

Mandurah  WA  6210

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