About your Balance

What to Expect……

In a Kinesiology balance, you will be laying on a massage table face up with a pillow under your head for support. You remain fully clothed with shoes removed.
During a balance I will be touching points on your body that are acu-points of meridians, these points are on the head, torso, arms and legs. Throughout the balance I will be gently monitoring a muscle in your forearm which is done by you bending your elbow with forearm raised and I place a gentle pressure on the back of your wrist.

It is a good idea to wear comfortable loose clothing; pants or leggings and a t-shirt are best as limbs may be moved into raised positions for specific muscle checks.
Your body needs to be hydrated so make sure you drink water before your appointment.
You will find the balance is quite relaxing and your body may go into a fully relaxed state and also cool down. A blanket is provided to keep you warm and you can leave socks on (or bring some with you if it is warm weather).
During the balance, emotions are often brought up and you are invited to discuss these in relation to the context of the balance. It is common to feel ‘emotional’ at times in a balance, however, by the end of the process you will find the corrective techniques have ‘balanced’ your body to the changes and you normally feel quite stable, light and can notice the release of stress both physically and mentally.

You will often sleep extremely well the night after a Kinesiology balance, your mind and body will be busy processing the changes in your systems and re-organising itself as previous stressors may no longer exist, or at least be reduced, in the body where they were being held.